"We support our Ukrainian brothers and will help them to win until the end, because their victory is our victory too 08/05/2014 17:50:54

The United National Movement opened its’ congress with the anthem of Europe. Congress was held in the Sports Palace. Before the anthem Giorgi Vashadze, the deputy of United National Movement delivered a speech for the delegates and supporters.

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34 political parties have filed applications to the CEC 22/04/2014 21:46:28

According to the Georgian Central Election Commission at this time 34 political forces - including 2 blocks and different parties have filed applications to the CEC. Spokeswoman Eka Azariashvili said that the chairman of commission will make decision in regards with parties registration after verifying the lists of supporters.

GYLA: Police and prison staff abused 17 citizens 02/04/2014 17:42:09

17 citizens have applied to GYLA during 2 months, citizens state that policemen and prison staff abused them and treated them inappropriately. Gyla made public cases of 17 citizens and calls prosecutor’s office on investigation of them.

Demonstration and concert STOP RUSSIA (PHOTO) 15/03/2014 22:30:19

Today the demonstration “STOP RUSSIA” was held in support of Ukraine in Tbilisi, in front of the former parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue. 

Irakli Sesiashvili published the list of Georgian government members arrival and departure in August 2008 14/03/2014 15:32:06

Georgian parliament’s defence and security committee chairman Irakli Sesiashvili has published the list of government members arrival and departure from 7th to 14th august, 2008. 

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13/03/2014 13:06:23

Gigi Ugulava, has accused the prosecutor's office of illicit interception of his personal text messaging and phone calls. According to Ugulava, the prosecution included his conversation with his underage daughter in the materials of his criminal case. The prosecutor said that the secret recording was legal and it was related to the case.

23/02/2014 21:22:54

Today, 23 February was arrested an attorney of former Defence Minister Bacho Akhalaia Goga Oniani. He was charged with several criminal counts. Reportedly he was mainly accused of abuse of power. At the time of Georgian National Movement’s government, Goga Oniani used to work as the chief officer in one of the largest Tbilisi's district department. Goga Oniani has stated, that he was planning participation in local governmental elections.

Political News
08/02/2014 20:57:45

Former prime minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili participated in the program “Meetings in the house of writers” on public television. Host of the program is poet David Magradze, who asked questions to the representatives of NGO’s.

Political News
03/02/2014 20:21:36

“Interfax” released the statement of Tibilov’s press service according to which president of the so-called South Ossetia is invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics.

Euro Union
03/02/2014 04:19:53

Yesterday Polish radio and television stations held the unprecedented demonstration in support of Ukrainian people.

Political News
02/02/2014 21:08:45

Former president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili attended the 50th Security Conference in Munich as a guest. He made several comments for the media and met among others leading European politicians and Ukrainian revolution leaders in Munich.

29/01/2014 14:01:27

Assumed Zugdidi mayoral candidate Tengiz Gunava talks about a new campaign of persecution against him. Gunava states this time he was called to the prosecutor’s office because of the testimony of a former policeman, who was arrested for illegal storage of weapons at the time when Tengiz Gunava was the Chief of Police.

Political News
28/01/2014 06:29:20

Mikheil Saakashvili's adress was published in The Wall Street Journal. 

The television-news coverage of Ukrainians protesting in the streets of Kiev might prompt viewers to think they're flicking past just another outbreak of unrest in an overall restless world. The usual paraphernalia is there—the street rallies, Molotov cocktails and police crackdowns. But these demonstrations are unlike those in other countries, where people are seeking social rights or protesting against a corrupt ruler. What we have been witnessing in Ukraine, with protests that began in November and have gained a volatile intensity in recent days, is the first geopolitical revolution of the 21st century.

Social Networks
25/01/2014 17:40:15

Sunday at 5 o’clock the rally will be held on Chardeni Square - “Athletes, say no to Putin’s Olympics!” 

Political News
24/01/2014 22:29:51

It is a second day that manifestations to support Ukraine are held in Georgia. Today’s demonstration, which was organized on Facebook as the previous one, was held in front of the Ukrainian Embassy. Georgian TV channels air everything happening in Kiev live.

23/01/2014 23:10:13

On January 23 the Parliament of Georgia adopted another statement unanimously with 118 votes on recent developments in Ukraine. The parliament condemned ongoing violence in Kiev and expressed solidarity to the Ukrainian people.

Other News
23/01/2014 00:18:00

More than 1000 activists are collected on Hrushevskogo Street in Kyiv. They are building new barricades and burning tires near the Dynamo Stadium. Law enforcement forces do not act so far. In addition, opposition leaders expect that tonight the government will try to clean Euromaidan. Massive protests rally is being held on Maidan. Activists prepare for the defense.

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